What books and music I’m into these days.

6 Books I Highly Recommend

Of the books I read in 2019, I highly recommend these. There’s a little something for everyone: historical fiction, business, memoir, creative writing, self-help — even a children’s book (which you probably know of). 

Why You Should Grow a Garden

Last night around dusk, from our kitchen window I looked out into the backyard. Heidi was holding Lorentz, watering the garden. Silas and August were playing in the dirt. It was a simple moment in time. I felt grateful to be alive and blessed to have what’s been given to me. 

A Book I Recommend

At least once a year I read a book by my favorite author Jon Hassler. I’m always trying to write songs like Jon Hassler wrote books. Seemingly ordinary, small-town characters living in northern Minnesota. But once you get to know them, they tug at your heart and stick with you.