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“Help Me” Out Now!

A few months ago, I sent a worktape called “Help Me” to my newsletter subscribers. Honestly, more people emailed about that Secret Song than any other I’ve sent. I took it back to my workshop, then called my friend Dave. He added a breathtaking string arrangement. I’m happy to finally share the official release with …

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Two Ways to Write a Song

There are only two ways to write a song. Ok, sure, there are plenty more. But what I’ve found is it primarily comes down to these two: you can paint or you can use the GPS method. The GPS Method I’m calling it the GPS method because when you’re approaching songwriting this way, you know …

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Write Songs Like a Dad Joke

Sometimes your lyrics lack punch or impact, and it’s difficult to know why. Try running it through the dad joke filter.  Let me explain.   A well-crafted song is often like a dad joke. Take this one I heard recently.  Question:  Where do generals keep their armies?  Answer:  In their sleevies.  I laughed the first …

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