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‘Take You Home’ on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Remember when I showed you Secret Song #9, “Take You Home”? I’m amazed by the journey that song’s been on. Tonight it’ll be featured on the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 9pm ET or Hulu the next day). Go check it out and tell your friends you heard it first! 🙂 

Two Ways to Write a Song

There are only two ways to write a song. Ok, sure, there are plenty more. But what I’ve found is it primarily comes down to these two: you can paint or you can use the GPS method. The GPS Method I’m calling it the GPS method because when you’re approaching songwriting this way, you know …

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Write Songs Like a Dad Joke

Sometimes your lyrics lack punch or impact, and it’s difficult to know why. Try running it through the dad joke filter.  Let me explain.   A well-crafted song is often like a dad joke. Take this one I heard recently.  Question:  Where do generals keep their armies?  Answer:  In their sleevies.  I laughed the first …

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“Unbelievable” (Cover) Out Now!

“Unbelievable” (Cover) Out Now! Today I’m sharing my cover of EMF’s “Unbelievable.” You can hear it now on Spotify | Apple Music | iTunes Store | Amazon Music |  YouTube I was nine when EMF came out with this song. I probably didn’t hear it, though, until years later when I discovered, despite my parents’ best efforts, that there were more musical …

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