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I’m thrilled to announce my new subscription service powered by Bandcamp. Subscribe Now $5/month It’s about time you had easier access to all my music and bonus material, like the Secret Songs and other exclusive content I usually send through email. No more entering passwords or retrieving links. No more announcements getting buried in your …

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“Help Me” Out Now!

A few months ago, I sent a worktape called “Help Me” to my newsletter subscribers. Honestly, more people emailed about that Secret Song than any other I’ve sent. I took it back to my workshop, then called my friend Dave. He added a breathtaking string arrangement. I’m happy to finally share the official release with …

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‘Take You Home’ on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Remember when I showed you Secret Song #9, “Take You Home”? I’m amazed by the journey that song’s been on. Tonight it’ll be featured on the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 9pm ET or Hulu the next day). Go check it out and tell your friends you heard it first! 🙂 

Two Ways to Write a Song

There are only two ways to write a song. Ok, sure, there are plenty more. But what I’ve found is it primarily comes down to these two: you can paint or you can use the GPS method. The GPS Method I’m calling it the GPS method because when you’re approaching songwriting this way, you know …

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