Update: I’ve been writing and writing. Some of it’s for Aaron Espe stuff, whatever that means. Some of it’s for a project (do I dare say band?) I’ve started with Mike Ayars — longtime friend, great songwriter/guitarist/you-name-it-ist. If he sounds familiar, it might be because he was a member of (now disbanded) Meese. We’ve discovered that he and I work really well together. More on the release of that music later. But keep us in the back of your mind.

As for the Aaron Espe stuff. I’ve got lots of new material. Yes, I was putting out a song at a time, (sorry there were only two) but I’m realizing I prefer releasing full-length albums. They feel more like a well-rounded meal, when singles just seem like a chocolate bar. That said, I’m trying to figure out a way to make this new album happen. I’ll keep you posted…

Next show:¬†Apr 29 / 7pm / Everyday Joe’s in Fort Collins, CO

With Reed Foehl (really great songwriter)

$8/adv $10/door