Some have asked me what kind of guitar I used on my latest CD. The answer is, the bulk of the work was recorded using my very first guitar. I bought it when I was fifteen from Mrs. Glassman, my Phy. Ed. teacher. She was having a Saturday garage sale and said twenty dollars was a reasonable price because the guitar had been in the family a long time. Since she was a kid. I thought twenty was steep. The guitar said “Silvertone” on the headstock, but that was before I painted it completely in red, blue, and yellow stripes. Two days later, I realized the guitar looked like a clown, and so I took a putty knife to it and scraped for several hours. I brought it to my sister Ingrid. She was the artist in our family and she had ideas. She painted it completely black with four small white stars near the bottom-right. I thought she improved it greatly, besides the stars, so I used a magic-marker to cover them. She wasn’t overly offended. The guitar remained like that for several years, even through the recording of the last CD. Only recently did it change when I painted it green and gave it to my wife as a wedding gift. She affectionately keeps it in storage. But perhaps she would sell it to you for twenty dollars.