'Blackwall Way' Release and Signing with Nettwerk

‘Blackwall Way’ Release and Signing with Nettwerk

We are pleased to announce Aaron has signed with Nettwerk Music Group and is releasing an EP of covers titled Blackwall Way. Songs include “In My Room” (The Beach Boys,) “Suddenly I See” (KT Tunstall), “Everyday” (Buddy Holly) and “Oh, Pretty Woman” (Roy Orbison). The EP makes way for a forthcoming new album to be released later in 2017.



A Personal Message from Aaron about each song: 
“In My Room” – The Beach Boys
     Panic attacks. They suck. That’s the reason why Brian Wilson quit touring with the Beach Boys in 1964. And that’s partly why I did, too (not with the Beach Boys, but…anyway…). Trust me, there’s only so many you can endure in a public bathroom before you realize something needs to change. Also, creating music rather than performing it has always been why I even do music. It’s just that, for a long time I thought an artist absolutely had to perform. It’s just what you did. But Brian Wilson’s song “In My Room” is the anthem of introverts in their happy zone, probably doing some of their best work, while everyone else is out on a Friday night.
“Suddenly I See” – KT Tunstall
     KT Tunstall played her acoustic guitar and sang on a daytime television show I happened to be watching. I had just released my first album and was cold-calling coffee shops to perform in (which is a super good way to get rid of all your self-esteem). It wasn’t an epiphany or anything, but watching her was a boost of inspiration. Too much of “doing music” is really not doing any music at all, and so in those times you need constant reminders. “Suddenly I See” is me paying my respects to Ms. Tunstall for that time she reminded me.
“Everyday” – Buddy Holly
     I watched “The Buddy Holly Story” on my friend’s TV, somewhere around the time I started learning guitar. I remember watching his fingers in the shape of a bar chord and thinking I had such a long way to go. I only knew G, C and D. Later in life, listening to his song “Everyday” and reading the lyrics, I heard it from the point of view of someone much less confident than he seems on the recording. ‘Cause he sings it like he knows “love like yours will surely come” his way. But I think for a lot of us, we’re at best 50/50. I tried to capture that sentiment on this version.
“Oh, Pretty Woman” – Roy Orbison
     I was one of those kids who thought Roy Orbison was blind. I’m glad I never brought it up to my cool music peers and thankful to learn the reality in the privacy of my own mind. The thing that drew me to his music was the same thing that draws me to all music. Emotion. I’m of Nordic descent, I don’t like to dance or move my body any faster than a good crawl. But if you could see my insides when I hear something that moves me it’s like Footloose on my heart. I covered “Pretty Woman” because I owe Roy Orbison at least one shot of me doing this classic any justice.