Be Home Soon

I walk around the block. The houses on my street have the windows drawn. I’m not trying to look inside or anything. It’s just an observation. (Did I really need to explain that?) Anyway, in one window an orange cat suns herself between the glass and the cotton drapes. And she and I have a moment. Staring at each other. Then she goes back to waiting for her owner, I suppose.

A little ways down the road, two kids are kicking a soccer ball in the front yard. We wave to each other neighborly. Completely unprompted they tell me that their dad’s coming home today. He’s been out on the road for a week.

When I return home, on the other side of the chain link fence, my dog Story wags her tail, and then it occurs to me.

I suppose in some way we’re all waiting for someone.

So, whoever you are. And wherever you are.

Be home soon.

Story Espe