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I’m very pleased to introduce to you: Haviland.

This is the side-project I alluded to last e-mail, which Mike Ayars and I have been producing. We’ve been working hard (ask my wife) to get this music to you. It’s been a challenge partly because we started the process in Denver, Colorado. But then Mike moved to Seattle, Washington. Then I moved to Nashville, Tennessee (Oh, by the way, I moved to Nashville, TN). So, as you well know, Seattle and Nashville aren’t exactly a spit’s distance apart.

I won’t say much more here other than I’m really proud. It’s a little three-song EP, a triplet, if you will, called An Introduction. And we hope that something resembling chapter 1 will be following soon.

Please let us know what you think. Please tell your friends. Please buy. Please write a review. Please be kind to your neighbor.